Shoebox Appeal

Shoebox Appeal
As Covid-19 has devastated communities around the world, the team at Link to Hope are working even harder to provide humanitarian aid and improve access to education and social care throughout  Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova and Ukraine.

The Shoebox Appeal is more than a one off gift at Christmas.

Link to Hope use the shoebox delivery trips to identify and visit the most vulnerable and exploited families and individuals, providing a no strings attached gift. They then find out what the community needs and commit to making a meaningful difference, dedicating their resources and building trust through an incredible network of local project managers and community leaders.

From building schools to ensuring that elderly widows living in villages with no running water or electricity have enough wood to get them through bitterly cold winters, the team continue to follow up and monitor progress, ensuring they make a sustainable difference to people’s lives.

We’ve been supporting Shoebox Appeals for over 20 years and in 2019, Jasmine was fortunate enough to join the team in Romania. While the focus was on delivering shoeboxes, the team were able to see other projects including a Link to Hope funded (built and maintained) kindergarten, cancer hospital project, after school club and women’s refuge project.

“It was incredible to see how this organisation operates on the ground. They are extremely efficient and responsible with the gifts and money received – no fancy relief trips or unnecessary admin costs. The people you see on the leaflets and on the promotional materials are the people that I met during the trip. After being in their homes, schools and communities, I’ve worried about how they are coping and I’ve appreciated Link to Hope updates during Covid. They are continuing to follow up and help like they promised they would, under the most difficult circumstances. After seeing their efforts first-hand, I’m even more proud to be a small part of this outstanding project. Read her blog post.

We create boxes for families and special boxes for elderly people, often living on their own. 100% of your donations goes directly to the appeal and we cover the administration costs. We are  area receivers and a drop off point for North East London.

In 2019, we processed 717 boxes and received £2,900 in donations and hundreds of pounds worth of gifts.

With your online donations we buy everything needed to fill a box including:

  • basic toiletries, toys, games
  • stationery including solar powered calculators
  • solar powered torches, radios
  • helpful DIY equipment like tape measures
  • games, toys, teddies, dollies and cars
  • chocolate / sweets

For elderly boxes we focus on:

  • reading glasses
  • hot water bottles
  • sewing kits
  • nail kits
  • warm socks, hats, gloves
  • wind up radios / solar powered torches

We also use the money to cover £3 postage needed for each box.

Buy from our Amazon wishlist

Many of the items that we can get are cheaper on the high street and so we prefer to use online donations in that way to make the most of the money. This year, via our Amazon wishlist, we share some of the more expensive items that are urgently needed. It is really easy to use and the deliveries come directly to us. Please make sure that you leave a note on the order so that we know who it is from.

Drop off a completed box
Whether you are doing boxes as a team of colleagues, group or family, we are happy to accept your boxes via our non-contact, appointment only drop off system. Email us to book drop off slot or call Jasmine on 07921 871 806.

We are doing the campaign earlier than usual this year and will be packing the boxes on Saturday 31 October. We will need all cash and gift donations by this date. We will accept completed boxes until Sunday 8th November via our non-contact, appointment only drop off system. Email us to book drop off slot or call Jasmine on 07921 871 806.

Restrictions to our packing party
This year, we won’t be able to run our big annual packing party, but we will be contacting core volunteers to join a skeleton crew on the day for a socially distanced rota system following government guidance. We will of course share photos and videos from the day for all those who are unable to be with us, and we hope to get photos of everyone taking part remotely as they continue to contribute to the project from home..